The FCL token
FCL currently lives in Ethereum (see token and contract in Etherscan).
We've deployed our FCL ERC20 token contract using a straightforward fixed-supply fork of OpenZeppelin's trusted ERC20PresetMinterPauser (see code here). All 465,000,000 FCL were minted upon deployment and transferred to one of our multisig wallets, who also holds the Pauser role.
Before the community sale on Polkastarter, 100% of the supply was transferred to our sale and distribution contracts. We're using OpenZeppelin's trusted TokenVesting contract with no modifications (see code here), and decided to make rug pulls impossible by deploying it without revocability.
Our token distribution plan (see The token distribution and launch plan of the Fractal Protocol and Deep Dive: The Fractal Token Distribution and Release Schedule) promises the minting and distribution of an additional 400M FCL as block rewards:
will unlock over more than 50 years, with a decreasing inflationary curve, starting with the main net launch on Polkadot
These new FCL will serve initially as incentives to help grow our data commons.
Last modified 5mo ago
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