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A solution to connect to multiple universal identity providers simultaneously.


The universal identity solution for digital advertising


Reclaim your data destiny | InfoSum

ID+ (Zeotap)


Unified ID (The Trade Desk)

What the Tech are Cookies and Unified ID 2.0? | The Trade Desk
An open-source alternative to the dying third-party cookies based on hashed email addresses. See their Integration Guides for more information.

IdentityLocker (Kochava)

IdentityLocker is a unified ID solution for ad targeting and audience segmentation that works regardless of third-party cookies dying.
Identity Locker™ by Kochava | Unified Privacy-First Identity Solution
IdentityLocker enables demand-side and supply-side parties to onboard their own first-party audience data into a secure locker. Parties can then manage the permissions of user data within their locker through secure identity tokens. Identity tokens are resolved across parties leveraging the Kochava Collective identity graph, through hashed emails, households, and other attributes.
Use Secure Identity Tokens for:
  • Resolving User Identities Across Parties
  • Audience Merchandising & Discovery
  • Ad Targeting & Addressability
  • Campaign Measurement
  • & More

Panorama ID (Lotame)

Lotame Panorama ID is a global people-based, privacy-compliant identity solution for the open web. Built from multiple inputs (web, mobile, CTV, and customer data), our enriched ID is freely accessible to and interoperable across the cookie-challenged web, all domains, devices, and platforms globally. It connects all types of device identifiers, associated individual behaviors, and privacy choices into a single view, without dependence on cookies.
By matching attributes across devices and domains to an individual, and with an open ecosystem approach of more than 90 platform partners, plus data from 180 providers in 58 countries, the Lotame Panorama ID leverages the most comprehensive collection of data points in the industry to accurately triangulate the right consumer for the right message. The ID features an average of 119 web and 89 mobile attributes per pseudonymous individual, delivering the highest accuracy, profile depth, and scale across the open web.
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