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Lolli: Earn Bitcoin When You Shop
Lolli is a browser extension. When users shop at a partner store, they get a percentage of the purchase back in Bitcoin. They have a long list of partner stores.
Lolli is US-only at the moment.


About Us -
Paymynt is looking to build a mobile app and browser extension. They have a decent list of partner stores. They're not live yet and are seeking investment.


SaTT - Blockchain Advertising Token
SaTT is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum. This is the main payment method for using the services of the SaTT ecosystem, whether for advertising campaigns, monetary transactions or purchases. The SaTT token is a digital currency that allows transactions to be carried out securely, quickly, cheaply and automatically.


Marketplace for upfront advertising.
NYIAX delivers an accessible upfront advertising marketplace with true financial rigor
NYIAX consolidates the negotiation, purchasing, management, and reconciliation of advertising contracts into a streamlined workflow that reduces manual processes and discrepancies.
The NYIAX Upfront Marketplace provides media buyers with access to the highest quality future inventory and the tools to negotiate, secure and manage their ad campaigns with clarity and confidence. It is the only true, two-party exchange where both the buyer and the seller are known to each other, ensuring honest and transparent price discovery and negotiation of terms. NYIAX’s standardized taxonomy – leveraging the power of the Nasdaq Financial Matching Engine – enables media buyers to discover new, premium sources of inventory that meet their campaign goals.
Our contract management platform gives publishers the power and control to drive revenue on their own terms. NYIAX makes it easy for publishers to automate critical aspects of their ad operations processes, from forecasting inventory volume to campaign creation, delivery tracking, reconciliation, and contract compliance. Publishers can track progress and payments in real time, bringing increased efficiency to post-campaign reconciliation.
The NYIAX Upfront Marketplace delivers the increased rigor, security, and efficiency that is missing from today’s media ecosystem. As the only true, two-party exchange, publishers are able to negotiate directly with potential buyers as well as post sell-orders to our open marketplace for increased discoverability. Our streamlined workflow provides more insight into revenue planning, increases sell-through rates, and reduces unsold and undervalued inventory.
Under the terms of the partnership, ad contract traders in NYIAX’s upfront marketplace are now able to reserve or buy future inventory options that guarantee their brand advertisements reach only Brave users who have opted in to see the promotions and receive rewards via Brave’s Basic Attention Token system.


Lucidity | Blockchain-Audited Media for Greater Transparency in Advertising
An advertising verification platform.
Impressions and clicks. Brand safety. Viewability too. Ensure all the signals that matter most to your campaigns are real and reliable. We cross-reference and match every relevant signal from every touchpoint along your supply chain. More signals means more reliable data to measure campaign performance and power your decisions. That’s the blockchain magic. Your numbers should match. It’s confusing (and wasteful) when they don’t. We match them for you using blockchain technology.
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