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Rebel AI Passport

Technology against ad fraud.
  • they're a strategy and technical consulting firm who also has products
  • their passport product purportedly solves the problem of publisher identity
    • this is an actual issue: ad servers (and consequently advertisers) are often tricked by domain spoofing
  • not a protocol or anything, but depending on how involved we want to get (at the protocol, application, or Fractal-a-verifier layer) with protecting against this problem, could be a partnership
By securing publisher identity, Rebel AI's Passport prevents advertisers from displaying an impression on a spoofed domain again.
Publishers install their unique Passport security package via an easy JavaScript integration. Once verified, get detailed reporting on when and how scammers are trying to imitate your domain or app.
Advertisers simply import existing creative tags and select publisher destinations. We’ll give you a digital receipt you can schedule in your existing buying platforms or DSPs.
Never deliver to a spoofed destination again. You'll get detailed reporting on when your campaigns have been securely delivered–and when we’ve stopped fraudulent attempts.
Though Facebook has only recently come under fire for fake user profiles on its platform, the problem of fake profile data has long plagued programmatic media trading. Lotame, for example, recently purged more than 400 million user profiles after identifying them as bots. The problem is so profound in programmatic that some research has even shown that targeting users at random was just as effective as targeting using third-party data segments.


We are reinventing how customer incentives are created, rewarded, and managed. Using proprietary blockchain and smart contract technology, our platform brings a host of benefits to a highly fragmented industry and offers brands an innovative way to unlock the billions of dollars in value held captive in legacy loyalty programs today.
Extend Partner Network: Increase member engagement and grow your network of relevant partners, while reducing costs and accelerating reconciliation & settlement.
Expand Marketing Capabilities: Personalize offers and promotions with near real-time insights into individual member behaviors and interests while sharing data with partners more securely than ever before.
Enhance Program Profitability: Trace the true value of all loyalty currency through the entire program lifecycle, and improve revenue management by redeeming the most profitable points/miles first.


Protocol for customized rewards programs.
> The Blockchain Protocol for Trusted Ratings and Performance Driven Rewards
> User rewards: The protocol will allow each marketplace or business to build customized rewards programs without the need to launch an expensive individual token.
> Worker rewards: Workers will no longer be rewarded with clunky, antiquated and discriminatory tips. Boom are rewarded proportional to a 1-5 rating tied to each transaction.
> The first verified rating system: In binding the rating and transaction hash to the blockchain, Boomerang will power the first verified, global, and trustworthy ratings system for businesses.
> The Boomerang protocol gives businesses across all service-based industries the ability to reinforce optimal behavior/engagement for users and workers alike via programming user rewards using Boomerang and rewarding workers according to performance based ratings, respectively. Boomerang will become essential infrastructure for real businesses today -- from ridesharing to coffee shops to restaurants -- and become the backbone of web 3.0, blockchain-based businesses tomorrow.


> BASE (BitClave Active Search System) is the underlying technology for all our services that ensures your data is both safe and secure
> LimitlessReward is a personalized cash back service. Choose your interests, take surveys, and install free applications to earn rewards for both your data and time.
> Vault is a highly secure data-storage platform built on top of BASE that encrypts user information. Vault keeps user data safe and protected on the cloud, ensuring that users can both share and control their information on their own terms


$ADS - Adshares
Adshares - web3 protocol for programmable advertisement
A decentralized advertising marketplace.
Adshares is a decentralized, adblock-resistant advertizing network
Our platform uses blockchain technology to connect publishers and advertisers to let them make direct deals. Adshares is an open ecosystem that allows anyone to start offering ad-related services in a fair and transparent marketplace.
No middlemen who can censor or block content. The publisher is the one who decides what content can be displayed on their website
Transfers from advertisers to publishers are made automatically every hour. You don't have to wait for the payment.


private network for the financing and trading of future media contracts.
Forward Contracts: Upfront, guaranteed media buys. Holders are entitled to future inventory of a fixed quality, amount, and date range. Payment on standard net terms.
Resale & Options: Holders may resell their contracts, or pieces of them, on the secondary market. They may also create an option on a contract and sell that, instead.
Delivery: Holders redeem their contracts with publishers. External campaigns fulfill contract terms and can integrate into buyers’ existing methods of execution.
Compatibility: AFOX is compatible with virtually all media types. Whether display, CTV, or print, any contract that grants rights to future inventory can be traded on AFOX.


Seems to be a blockchain-focused standards body for advertising that never did much or went anywhere.
AdLedger is a nonprofit consortium working to build rules and standards for the application of blockchain and cryptography to media and advertising
Open source cryptographic extensions to OpenRTB protocol proposed by the AdLedger consortium to improve the integrity of the digital advertising ecosystem by creating an immutable identity for supply chain participants, a verifiable chain of custody, and sophisticated tools for data access and validation.
FRAUD: DOMAIN SPOOFING: CryptoRTB creates immutable identities, so the identity of the publisher - or any party to an ad transaction - cannot be forged.
MALWARE/MALVERTISING: Publishers and advertisers can include things like a domain, buyer seat, etc. in the claims section of the CryptoRTB encrypted object, so bad behavior like auto-redirects, etc. can be eliminated
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