Zeotap collects data (e.g. via cookies) and buys data (e.g. from telecommunication providers) and resells it to advertisers and publishers who use it to enrich their first-party data. Their Customer Intelligence Platform is a DMP/CDP that helps with this enrichment, but they also have integrations to other DMPs.
Advertisers use their data to build lookalike audiences, enrich their own data, and make better bidding decisions.
Publishers use their data to improve advertising yield (e.g. by increasing the chances of cookie matching), and better manage their user base (e.g. by informing customization and upselling opportunities, and reducing churn).

The Trade Desk
Offers a DSP and a DMP, powered by a data marketplace.


Mobile App Marketing Attribution | Mobile Attribution Platform
Kochava is a large organization with a complicated suite of products for data management, ad measurement, and fraud prevention. Their focus is mobile.
Kochava is the industry standard for secure, real-time data solutions. We help people-based marketers establish identity, define and activate audiences, and measure and optimize their marketing across connected devices.

Kochava Collective

Mobile Data Marketplace | Audience Segmentation | Audience Insights
Kochava Collective is a data marketplace. They source first-party data through their free analytics platform, and augment it by buying data from multiple additional sources.
Unlike e.g. Lotame's PDX, Kochava Collective is not a true marketplace since it's fully intermediated: buyers don't buy from sellers, and there is no price discovery. These purchase deals are negotiated ad-hoc with the seller, and the data used only to augment Kochava's master database. Kochava sells these data in 2 days:
  • for use in DSPs who integrate with Kochava's DMP, they charge a CPM based on the type of data queried;
  • for data scientist, they charge by volume and type of data.

Kochava for Publishers

Kochava for Publishers - Talk with a Specialist Today!
Kochava for Publishers enables publishers to overcome the growing challenges in the digital advertising ecosystem to grow and thrive.
  • Incorporate first-party ad measurement to maintain brand safety and enable advertisers to prove efficacy of ad spend on your audience platform
  • Integrate out-of-the-box support for Apple’s SKAdNetwork to maximize monetization on iOS 14
  • Know your audience and build holistic user profiles to improve targeting and bid values
  • Boost audience discovery and addressability


Lotame | Data Management | Data Solutions | Identity Solutions
Lotame offers a DMP and data marketplaces, as well as a unified ID solution.


Lotame's real time data management platform (DMP) enables you to collect first-party data from any source — including websites, apps, social, email, CRM, search, campaign data, and beyond — for one holistic view of your consumers, so you can deliver more relevant content, products and services, at the right time. You can use this data to create audience segments inside the DMP, by selecting the specific demographics, interests and actions you want to target against. Or, you can learn more about your consumers with insights gleaned from our global third-party data exchange. Industry-leading analytics tools built into Lotame’s DMP enable you to uncover new insights into both the audience segments you create and the people who engage with your content or campaigns.

Data marketplaces

Publishers and media companies have a goldmine of audience data at their fingertips. Lotame's unstacked data solutions offer several methods to sell slices of this data, either directly to a buyer via Lotame Private Data Exchange (PDX), or anonymously aggregated with other data providers in pre-packaged segments in the Lotame Data Exchange. Through Lotame LAB, publishers and media companies can create 1st party audience segments that include different content or interest types, and the use Lotame’s turnkey PDX product to license select slices of those audiences to interested buyers (your 1st party data is a buyer’s 2nd party data).
Lotame’s Third-Party Data Marketplace gives data buyers access to thousands of the highest quality audience segments in the world, including our pre-packaged, custom, TV viewership and proprietary Lotame Precision audiences.
Looking for a new way to monetize your website, app, or other first-party data sources? We are always on the lookout for high-quality data sources to participate in the Lotame Data Exchange

Examples of data sellers

Core verticals
Top segments
BusinessWatch Network
First Party B2B Content Engagement Data
BusinessWatch Network provides first party B2B data from readership of eight vertical B2B newsletters, as well as their owned and operated site.
B2B (Company & Individual Demographics, Technologies Used, Newsletter Readership)
Frequent Flyers, Sector Professionals, Family Travelers, Business Travelers, Weekenders / Citybreakers, Long Haul Travelers, Expatriates, High Income, Early Bookers
In-Market Audience Data
We provide a platform where car buyers and owners can research, buy, sell, and come together to discuss and talk about their cars.
Auto, Luxury Buyers
Car Researcher, Users with Car Buying Intent, Car Brand, Car Model & Car Version, Car Buying Budgets, Audience Opting for Finance, Audience with specific EMI need
LATAM & Hispanic Audiences
DataXpand has premium audiences based on exclusive relationships with leading publishers throughout the rapidly growing regions of Latin America, Europe and US Hispanics.
Demographics, Intent, Interest, Seasonal, Brand Discovery, Automobiles, Travel, Education, News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, B2B, CPG & many more.Demographics, Intent, Interest, Seasonal, Brand Discovery, Automobiles, Travel, Education, News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, B2B, CPG & many more.
Gender Female, Health and Personal Care, Travel, Entertainment, Business & Finance, Fashion & Beauty, Soccer, Music, College & University, Family Tourism, Arts & Culture
eDreams ODIGEO
Global In-Market Travel Data
With its five leading OTAs, eDreams ODIGEO is the biggest flight tickets seller in Europe. Thanks to this, eDreams ODIGEO has millions of profiles of in-market travelers actively looking for flights or flight+hotel. Our data is declarative, coming from the searches and booking information of our users.
Travel, Demographics, Interests
Frequent Flyers, Sector Professionals, Family Travelers, Business Travelers, Weekenders / Citybreakers, Long Haul Travelers, Expatriates, High Income, Early Bookers
In-Market Audience Data
FirstCry’s shopping audience is also highly engaged on our community platform. Data comes from engaged and transacting mothers, captured at every stage in their journey, from Getting Pregnant to Pregnancy, New Moms, and more.
Demographics, Transactional Data, Data with Life Stage Targeting (Pregnant Moms, Moms of Baby or Toddler, Moms of Big Kids), Purchase Intent
Shopping, Parenting, Pregnancy, Parents of Young Children and Toddlers
Gulf News
Behavioral Data from UAE
As the UAE’s No.1 newspaper of record, online and in print, Gulf News is a trusted source of information for readers and a brand-safe environment for advertisers, collecting approximately 5 million unique behavioral profiles every month.
Behavioral and Campaign Data
Auto Enthusiasts; Sports Fans; Travel Intenders; Real Estate Followers; Food & Dining Lovers; Fashionistas; Expectant/New Moms; High-Net-Worth Individuals; Tech & Gadget Enthusiasts; Business Professionals
EMEA Job Seekers
Jobrapido is the second-largest global player in the growing job aggregator segment, providing a one-stop platform for job seekers to connect with employers.
Job Seeker Data by Industry, Seniority or Salary
Top Management, Engineers, Retail Job Seekers, Health Care Job Seekers
Lonely Planet
Global Travel Data
Lonely Planet is the world’s leading publisher of travel guidebooks, offering a tremendous amount of data around travel habits.
Travel intent (location, type of travel, etc.)
Researching Travel, In-Market Travelers, Culture Travelers, Foodie Travelers, Outdoor Enthusiasts
In-Market Consumer Data Across Verticals
The site provides major savings on local businesses, experiences, travel, and consumer goods. With millions of profiles of in-market customers across a wide range of verticals.
Home, Beauty, Electronics, Restaurants & Bars, Entertainment, Garden, Activities, Children & Baby
Home, Beauty, Electronics, Entertainment, Garden, Restaurants & Bars, Children & Baby

Liveramp (formerly Acxiom)

LiveRamp | Data Connectivity Platform
Built on core capabilities rooted in connectivity, data access, identity, and data stewardship, our suite of enterprise software solutions enables data to be safely, easily, and securely connected for activation, measurement, and analytics
They offer a data marketplace as well.
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