Fractal Data Marketplace
We've launched the protocol with Crumbs and other browser extensions on board. Plenty of user data is now being collected and stored on user devices. This is done through our SDK, which our partners installed in their products.
Our SDK automatically captures browsing history (which pages the user visited) and search queries (what did the user search for e.g. on Google), but has another trick up its sleeve: purchase history. It does this in a number of ways, the most simple of which is to recognize "thank you for your purchase" pages on Amazon, for example.
Imagine a DMP is looking for data to create audiences for aftermarket products. An example would be people recently bought printers, so that aftermarket cartridge sellers can target them with timely deals. How would a data marketplace based on the Protocol help with this request?
First, the DMP specifies what they're looking for. Let's say they ask the marketplace for "20M people who bought a printer in the last 30 days".
The marketplace doesn't hold any data itself, so its job is now to try and meet this order. In response to the DMP's query, it posts a message on its billboard saying "looking for people who bought a printer in the past 30 days".
Our embedded SDK monitors this billboard, and can reply to its messages. Those who have a printer purchase signal on their local database that's less than 30 days old reply back with a price. After a predetermined timeout period, the marketplace tells the buyer that it could find 10M people, and what the price for the whole dataset would be.
This price is blended, since different extensions (or users) choose to charge different prices. If the prospective buyer is happy with the price they buy the whole dataset. If they're not, they can pick and choose subsets based at the price they find reasonable. Once the buyer pays, the marketplace credits the accounts of the extensions with their respective amounts.
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