Ads are for humans
Advertisers don't like to show ads to robots. It's a waste of their money, and they know it happens a lot. Some use fraud detection technology, like Adjust's, to improve their ROI such that they avoid spend money on fraudulent impressions.
How could we offer advertisers the possibility of advertising to humans only? This is a coordination problem, because DSPs can only trust what the publisher's SSP tells them, and publishers are mostly incentivized by volume, but partnerships could form around the need to offer a differentiated product.
A savvy DSP could choose to bid only on ad requests which plausibly stand to be shown to a human. For this to be possible, publishers would need to install our SDK as well. If a partner extension is present and contains a human identity credential, it could ask it to sign a message and include this signature in the payload of the ad request. We would need to make sure this message is not forgeable (hence the signature) or replayable (might include a timestamp or a reference to an ad request ID). The DSP could then run some quick crypto magic on this message to verify its accuracy and determine that a human is indeed behind this ad request before making a bid.
In order for the extension to be paid for their service, the Protocol could help the DSP identify and compensate them.
Last modified 7mo ago
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