Data buyers and sellers
The Fractal Protocol vision, presented in full, would likely be seen as unwelcome competition by most data buyers and resellers below. Here, we need to have a cautious approach, e.g. by positioning ourselves as data providers only.
Here's adsquare's pitches to data providers, for example:
You are a Telco Company
Unlock the power of your CRM and movement data without sacrificing consumer privacy. Our platform onboards your aggregated and anonymized spatial data on any geographic level including a time dimension. Through our proprietary integrations with all relevant DSPs and our unparalleled OOH planning platform we monetize your data in a fully transparent and controllable way.
You are an App Publisher
Tap new revenue streams by onboarding your data assets for programmatic advertising solutions. Rely on Adsquare’s secure environment and benefit from our partnerships with 850+ media agencies globally and integrations with 35+ media buying platforms.
You are a Data Company
Our self-service Audience Management Platform (AMP) enables you to onboard your spatial, audience and movement data assets, activate and distribute them according to your intended use case. You are in full control of your data usage by defining how your data assets are showcased and who can see and use them.

Data buyers / resellers

Who could we sell data to?
These companies run DMPs or similar tools with fancier names (customer data platforms, customer intelligence platforms) and/or are data providers for DMPs or DSPs with data capabilities.

Data sellers

Who could we buy data from? In protocol parlance: who could we pitch an incentivized data provisioning revenue model to?
Telecommunications companies are data providers for DMPs and other resellers (Zeotap, for example, sources data from telecoms). eyeo has a partnership with Jio/Reliance, an Indian telecom giant, which we're leveraging as well.
Datarade is a data seller aggregator, that makes money with affiliate fees. It lists tens if not hundreds of different data providers. Among them are some large names such as Kochava, but also a lot of smaller companies that collect and enrich their own data to sell it to data buyers.
Lotame's PDX Marketplace is also likely a good source of contacts. Below are a few examples.
Core verticals
Top segments
BusinessWatch Network
First Party B2B Content Engagement Data
BusinessWatch Network provides first party B2B data from readership of eight vertical B2B newsletters, as well as their owned and operated site.
B2B (Company & Individual Demographics, Technologies Used, Newsletter Readership)
Frequent Flyers, Sector Professionals, Family Travelers, Business Travelers, Weekenders / Citybreakers, Long Haul Travelers, Expatriates, High Income, Early Bookers
In-Market Audience Data
We provide a platform where car buyers and owners can research, buy, sell, and come together to discuss and talk about their cars.
Auto, Luxury Buyers
Car Researcher, Users with Car Buying Intent, Car Brand, Car Model & Car Version, Car Buying Budgets, Audience Opting for Finance, Audience with specific EMI need
LATAM & Hispanic Audiences
DataXpand has premium audiences based on exclusive relationships with leading publishers throughout the rapidly growing regions of Latin America, Europe and US Hispanics.
Demographics, Intent, Interest, Seasonal, Brand Discovery, Automobiles, Travel, Education, News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, B2B, CPG & many more.Demographics, Intent, Interest, Seasonal, Brand Discovery, Automobiles, Travel, Education, News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, B2B, CPG & many more.
Gender Female, Health and Personal Care, Travel, Entertainment, Business & Finance, Fashion & Beauty, Soccer, Music, College & University, Family Tourism, Arts & Culture
eDreams ODIGEO
Global In-Market Travel Data
With its five leading OTAs, eDreams ODIGEO is the biggest flight tickets seller in Europe. Thanks to this, eDreams ODIGEO has millions of profiles of in-market travelers actively looking for flights or flight+hotel. Our data is declarative, coming from the searches and booking information of our users.
Travel, Demographics, Interests
Frequent Flyers, Sector Professionals, Family Travelers, Business Travelers, Weekenders / Citybreakers, Long Haul Travelers, Expatriates, High Income, Early Bookers
In-Market Audience Data
FirstCry’s shopping audience is also highly engaged on our community platform. Data comes from engaged and transacting mothers, captured at every stage in their journey, from Getting Pregnant to Pregnancy, New Moms, and more.
Demographics, Transactional Data, Data with Life Stage Targeting (Pregnant Moms, Moms of Baby or Toddler, Moms of Big Kids), Purchase Intent
Shopping, Parenting, Pregnancy, Parents of Young Children and Toddlers
Gulf News
Behavioral Data from UAE
As the UAE’s No.1 newspaper of record, online and in print, Gulf News is a trusted source of information for readers and a brand-safe environment for advertisers, collecting approximately 5 million unique behavioral profiles every month.
Behavioral and Campaign Data
Auto Enthusiasts; Sports Fans; Travel Intenders; Real Estate Followers; Food & Dining Lovers; Fashionistas; Expectant/New Moms; High-Net-Worth Individuals; Tech & Gadget Enthusiasts; Business Professionals
EMEA Job Seekers
Jobrapido is the second-largest global player in the growing job aggregator segment, providing a one-stop platform for job seekers to connect with employers.
Job Seeker Data by Industry, Seniority or Salary
Top Management, Engineers, Retail Job Seekers, Health Care Job Seekers
Lonely Planet
Global Travel Data
Lonely Planet is the world’s leading publisher of travel guidebooks, offering a tremendous amount of data around travel habits.
Travel intent (location, type of travel, etc.)
Researching Travel, In-Market Travelers, Culture Travelers, Foodie Travelers, Outdoor Enthusiasts
In-Market Consumer Data Across Verticals
The site provides major savings on local businesses, experiences, travel, and consumer goods. With millions of profiles of in-market customers across a wide range of verticals.
Home, Beauty, Electronics, Restaurants & Bars, Entertainment, Garden, Activities, Children & Baby
Home, Beauty, Electronics, Entertainment, Garden, Restaurants & Bars, Children & Baby
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