This field guide contains some of the research, open questions and decisions we've made while working on the Fractal Protocol. We're sharing it because we don't believe ideas are worth protecting much — impact is about teamwork, perseverance, and execution — and we prefer to be open and transparent about what we're doing and what we've discovered, both good and bad.
This is a work in progress — we're planning to update this document every few weeks.
Overwhelmed? Start with the product overview and our MVP scope for mainnet launch.


We're currently looking for a Rust and Blockchain Engineer
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Please join us: the Protocol we are building is humble and open. It’s humble because we don’t propose to change the market overnight, but to listen, and progressively integrate into the ecosystem by identifying and delivering small components that can deliver value and generate traction on their own — starting with users and publishers. The Protocol is open because we will hold no control over it (anyone, from users to advertisers, can participate by design, regardless of what we think), and because we don’t seek rent (the protocol pays us no fees). More importantly, as any good and lasting standard, it must be conceived as an open source effort that can welcome, consider and leverage the participation of many different parties.
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